Our Crazy Story


3 Years ago we were all sitting around a camp fire talking and having fun, One of us said “Hey guys lets start a haunted trail” we all laughed and said yea right, but all of our minds started to wonder at the endless possibility's we could create, it didn’t take long before everyoe agreed on getting this thing going, which led to the next question, Where would we build it? At the time the only place we had suitable was Chris’s back yard so construction began within the week turning a normal back yard into a place that hundreds of people would eventually get the mess scared out of them.

We had no idea how well it would turn out or if anyone would even come out to see what we had done but it didn’t stop us from creating an awesome backyard trail. We advertised on Facebook for a few weeks just to get the word out, none of us were really sure if we wasted our time or not. 

We opened on the last Friday in September and I can’t even explain the look on our faces when cars started pulling in at 7:30pm we were blown away by the local support. we were busy all night with cars lining up the driveway, There were even times guests had to park along side the road becuase we didn't have enough parking! It was a night not to forget but it was only just beginning for Spooky Bottom. 

Each weekend more and more people came out, it was the talk of our small town for sure! At the end of October we all sat down by the same camp fire in the backyard and said “we really have something here”  And started talking about bigger and better plans, which leads us to our current state, we obtained a good bit of land dedicated to Spooky Bottom and began construction on the trail, months of hard work led us into October of 2017 where we had an even BIGGER turn out, Facebook was flooded by people talking about our trail, The biggest highlight of 2017 was when Kersey Valley Spooky Woods came out to see us we were honored that we gained the attention of such a big attraction in just a short time. 


2018 is promised to blow our fans away with all new added scenes and attractions, blood sweat and tears were poured into the trail this year so we guarantee that it will be the best year yet! We have came a long ways from where we were 3 years ago and its only going to get bigger and better. And just to think back that we all laughed at the idea sitting around a campfire one cool summer night! Friends & Family can get work done!